Vintage Linen Mattress Cover. 195x 210/390x105 cm .

Vintage Linen Mattress Cover. 195x 210/390x105 cm .
Pretty pale, unused  vintage linen mattress cover with blue stripes.

195 x 105cm, opens out to double the length or width

I have another mattress cover  here, same fabric but the panels have been sttched with the with a different distribution

This mattress cover has been made of two panels of home loomde cloth folded over and stitched at one end with an slit opening. Originally woven to be stuffed with straw or hay and used as a mattress

Laundered and in excellent condition

About vintage fabrics fabrics

All our vintage fabrics  are hand loomed, mostly from hemp or linen.  It has a wonderful character, there may be some uneveness in the wevae wgich adds greatlly to the charm of these pieces They range in age, nearly all will be pre 1950s and many of them much older, most  at least 70- 100 years old.

The hand looming of fabric was a very labour intensive process and each roll took many hours to make. Home loomed fabric has a wonderful texture. When you  buy this fabric you really are buying a piece of history.

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