Vintage Hungarian Grain Sack 112x54cm

Vintage Hungarian Grain Sack 112x54cm
Vintage linen grain sack

112 x 54cm

Nubby, porridge with indigo stripes. Cool tones ( the first image is an accurate colour portrayal)

DM monogram

1 available

Laundered and in excellent condition

All grain sacks are one piece of fabric folded over and hand stitched down both sides, they open out to twice the length. I source the best and leave the rest. All of my vintage sacks are 100% linen or hemp unless otherwise stated. They are sturdy, tough ( machine washable at high temps) and beautiful. Woven with home spun threads gives a charcater that is impossible to achieve in mass produced fabrics.
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Product Code: dmgs.d50
Weight: 1kg