Projects requiring matched fabrics

Projects requiring matched fabrics
My vintage linen was home woven prior to WW2 in areas of central and Eastern Europe with  a strong folk/ peasant culture. These fabrics, with their slubbs and nubbs are characterful and quite unlike mass produced fabrics.

These fabrics come in a number of forms;

Cart covers, literally made  to cover goods on a horse drawn cart, these are large pieces, hard to get hold of. Generally 3 or 4 panels of home woven cloth hand stitched together

Mattress covers, generally two panels hand stitched together , folded and  either  left open at one end or with an opening in the back where they would be stuffed with straw to make a mattress. Open out to around 2 x 2 or 4 x 1 metres

Rolls. 40 - 65 cm wide. Max available in one roll is around 20 metres but more generally 8 - 12 metres

Sacks. one piece of fabric folded over , hand stitched on both sides

 Large projects 

Large projects usually require more than one piece of fabric.  I can match pieces, for example mattress covers with rolls and sacks. Please be aware that  due to the hand woven nature of the fabric there will be some differences  I match  as far as possible the weight colour/ tone  and weave of fabrics. I can send images and  samples of rolls

If you have a project that  will require several pieces please email me at with details of your project including  amount of fabric required- due to the varying widths of fabric it is helpful to have the required amount as square metres

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