Monogrammed Vintage Linen Napkin. 5 avail

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Monogrammed Vintage Linen Napkin. 5 avail

Vintage linen napkins, pale with pretty pink stripes

Measurements between 42-44 cm wide  and 58-62 cm long

Laundered and in excellent condition

All our vintage fabrics  are hand loomed, mostly from hemp or linen. They range in age, nearly all will be pre 1950s and many of them much older, most  at least 70 years old.

The hand looming of fabric was a very labour intensive process and each roll took many hours to make. Home loomed fabric has a wonderful texture. 

When you  buy this fabric you really are buying a piece of history. Most of this fabric has been stored in rolls for many many years and inevitably have storage marks. We wash all fabric lengths before despatching

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