What fabric widths do you stock?

Our fabrics were for the most part woven in peoples homes, the looms tended to be narrow and the cloth generally 50-65 cm wide. Larger pieces were formed by hand stitching two or more panels together. For example, sheets are made of 2 or 3 panels, usually hand stitched together. Occasionally we are able to source fabric in widths  above 60 cm. Its very rare to find individual widths of over 70 cm.

When  do vintage Grain sacks date from and how can they be used?
Most of our grain sacks date from  before 1939, most are significantly older. Our grain sacks were woven in areas of Eastern Europe with a strong peasant culture. Families would grow their own hemp and or linen, harvest it, prepare for spinning and then weave. hemp and linen was used to make clothes as  well as household textiles and sacks and cart covers for use on the small holdings. Stripes and or monograms would indicate to the village mill whose grain was being milled.  Grain sacks are beautiful textured, versatile fabric. Measurements are for the unopened sacks . Opened sacks will be twice the length.

For inspiration on using vintage linen for upholstery click here to see my pinterest page

What fabrics are best suited to upholstery?

Cart covers, mattress covers, sheets, grain sacks and fabric from rolls are all suitable for upholstery.  The narrow widths mean that sometimes there will be seams, these may be the original, usually hand stitched seams if using larger pieces.  Our pinterest page here has some example of upholstered furniture.

How can I choose matching or complementary fabrics?

Many of these fabrics complement each other well. Different stripes look good mix and matched.

More information on the
Advice page of our website

Please ask for advice re individual projects

Is all your stock on the website?

No. We have lots of stock not on the website.  Please email for other enquiries.

Can you send samples?


We are happy to send samples from rolls. Please email sales@parna.co.uk with your colour and weight preferences, intended use and quantity needed

What is the difference between linen and hemp?

Linen and hemp come from different plants.  Both  lighten and soften with age. It is sometimes very difficult to tell the difference particularly in older, used pieces. Both plants were widely grown in the areas from which we source. Hemp was more widely grown. Most of the heavier items such as sacks and cart covers  are woven from hemp. Unless otherwise stated our fabrics do not contain cotton. More recently these fabrics were woven with a cotton warp, some of these cotton linen fabrics are very nice, however they are often not as attractive and are cheaper to source than those that are 100% linen  or hemp. Some of our competitors sell linen / cotton mixes as linen. We always state if a fabric contains cotton as a warp or weft.

Are these textiles in good condition?

At parna we understand that the condition of vintage textiles is of prime importance to you. All textiles are  laundered and in  good condition unless otherwise stated. Most of the textiles we sell are 60-120 years old and naturally may show some signs of use or ageing. Any obvious marks or other defects will be noted in the description.

Why choose vintage fabrics?

These home loomed vintage  fabrics have a very special quality not to be found in modern,  mass produced fabrics. Our vintage linens are attractive, versatile and hard wearing with a real sense of history. They were produced without damage to the environment.

 Why choose parna vintage linen and hemp?

 We have a huge selection of vintage fabrics. We source carefully to bring you the best.  Everything is hand picked, then laundered. We can source to order. 

Why are some of these linens paler than others?

Freshly harvested and woven hemp tends to have a yellow tone. Both linen  and hemp lighten with age and laundering, particularly washing at high temperatures

What size filler should I order?

We recommend a filler  3-cm  larger than the cover, so for a 47 cm cover, a 50 cm filler would be a good fit.

How are your cushions made?

Our cushions are beautifully made . The button hole area is lined with cotton. Our cushions from grain sacks are ( unless otherwise stated) made from one piece of fabric so have a stripe running all the way round the cushion. Unless otherwise stated the cushions are back fastened by means of  round wooden buttons

How should I care for vintage fabrics?

All of our vintage and antique linens and hemp are laundered ( soaked and then washed and ironed) prior to despatch.Most of our linen is extremely durable and can be washed in the machine at up to 90 degrees Celsius. 

This makes these linens suitable for everyday use and upholstery. Stains can be spayed with  an oxi-action liquid prior to laundering. Hang or tumble dry.

The older and more delicate pieces such as intricate embroidered pieces should be hand washed or dry cleaned. Some of our pieces have wooden buttons which may become damaged by machine wash. Delicate antique and embroidered items should not be tumble dried or put on machine spins

Linens can be sprayed with flame retardant spray.

Do you buy Victorian linen?
Occasionally but not usually. We recommend that you sell on ebay or contact your local auction house

Do  you have a shop ?

 No, we don't have a physical shop. We do attend fairs in the UK. Please see our events page for further details

Can I see the textiles before I buy?

We occasionally exhibit at show and fairs in the UK

Please sign up to our newsletter for details.

Do you accept trade orders?

Yes we do for large orders

Please email sales@parna.co.uk with your business name and web/street address 

We   offer a sourcing service  and provide linen and costumes for films

 Environmental Policy?

Most of our  vintage fabrics are made from plants grown many years ago without the use of pesticides or  herbicides. Many have had a previous life!

We transport by road. We recycle and re-use

Most of our new items are designed to be heirloom pieces and are  made by independent artisans

How can I pay?

Payment can be made via PayPal,  credit card or debit card, bank transfer or UK cheque.  
All online payments are routed through a secure server.

Do you give refunds?

Yes. Exceptions are bespoke item and fabrics cut to order, this includes fabric from roll. If you would like to change your fabric cut from roll please email sales@parna.co.uk and we may be able to do this in some circumstances. We do not refund postage and packaging costs under normal circumstances.Please see terms and conditions for further information. Return address 

Parna/diamond logistic

Returns to;

Dynamic Logistics/parna
Unit 5 , Headlands Trading
​​​​​​​SN2 7JQ​​​​​​​

How will the refund be paid?

This depends on the method of payment. UK cheques, UK bank transfers and PayPal payments will be refunded in the manner in which they were paid.  The charge for International bank transfer refunds will be charged to the customer unless otherwise agreed. 

When will my order be despatched?

Most of our stock is kept in the UK and will be despatched  on the same or next day of order.

Exceptions are  some large pieces and bespoke orders. Due to the huge volume that we carry  some of these are kept in our Hungarian warehouse. and cut and laundered to order. We transport to the UK warehouse weekly.  If an item is not in the UK we ask you to allow 1-2 weeks for despatch, this is stated on the product description

Please allow 4-6 weeks for bespoke, hand embroidered orders. We usually complete bespoke orders within 3 weeks.

Can you send internationally?

Yes. We have very reasonable courier rates for international orders.

How do you work out postal/Courier charges?

By weight and volume. UK Postage capped at £10 for up to 25 KG.

For international orders we have a number of courier companies  with whom we have secured good rates. Rates depend upon weight and dimensions, please email for details.


We endeavour to post full descriptions. Please contact us at textiles@parna.co.uk if you need any further information.

Please note that colour depiction may vary depending on  your  monitor. We try to ensure that images are an accurate representation. Please contact us if you would like further images


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