My name is Kath.  I have a passion for textiles and folk art and craft. I founded parna in 2007 to source and sell the beautiful old textiles found in Central and Eastern Europe. I travel extensively in rural Romania particularly Transylvania, Hungary and the surrounding regions sourcing vintage textiles and artisinal products.
Sometimes I buy textiles in very good condition. Sometimes  they are in very bad condition but beautiful. I spend a lot of time laundering, organising repairs. I  sell items in their original form when they are in good clean condition. 


I work with individuals, interior designers, film set and wardrobe departments.

I travel a lot. I don't have a shop. I employ a company in the UK to do my warehousing and despatch.

I have a network of contacts from whom I buy. I  offer a sourcing service. I am in the process of organising small textile / folk tours in Transylvania/ Romania.