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Parna was founded by Kath Griffiths in 2007 to source and sell the beautiful textiles found in these regions. Kath travels extensively in rural Romania, Hungary and the surrounding regions sourcing vintage textiles and artisnal products.  

Kath works with extensively with interior designers  and film set and wardrobe departments  to source fabrics and costumes for films and period dramas including The Hobbit and Tha Danish Girl

Vintage fabrics and embroideries

Prior to WW2 in many villages the growing harvesting, processing and weaving of hemp and linen  was commonplace. The fabrics were made to make clothes, sacks, cart covers, kitchen linens. curtains, basically all the textiles that were used in everyday peasant life. Most houses had a best room furnished with a bed which was highly decorated particulalry on special occasions, with dowry textiles. ofetn beautifully embroidered.
As well as vintage linens Kath works closely with women  and master crafters from areas with a strong tradition of folk craft and textile heritage to produce beautifully crafted heritage pieces. Nearly all our products are limited editions.  Kath works with   Tarnat Kalotaszeg Durabil  who wor tirelessly to continue and promote the traditions of the Kalotaszeg region.

Parna from Vintage

Our parna from vintage range was devloped in order make the most of beautiful vintage linen, hemp and embroidery and to pay homage to the women who spent hours hand crafting them.

The durability of these hand woven vintage linens mean that they make excellent upholstery fabric.

parna 51 merrivale square oxford OX2 6QX

Vintage linen cart covers make excellent heavy curtains, bed covers and very large table cloths

Table cloths from vintage linen mattress  covers and cart covers

Table runners from opened out  vintage grain and flour sacks or vintage sack cloth  linen fabric from rolls.

Vintage sacks and fabric from rolls for blinds, covers, bench cushions and upholstery. Sacks for laundry bags and bath mats.

Use vintage hemp sheets with curtain ring clips to make curtains in literally minutes.

Vintage Linen and  Hemp sheets make fantastic curtains, upholstery fabric, Roman blinds and table coverings.

Some ideas:

Bespoke; We can indigo-dye and hand-embroider to order. We have a team of skilled seamstresses who can run up cushions and pillows from antique  and vintage  linens.

For more inforation about our fabrics please see our FAQ page here

We recyle and upcyle to make a range of cushions and soft furnishings from Vintage linen fabrics including grain sack fabric and embroidery

Parna from vintage pieces incorporate traditional techniques and vintage linen hemp and embroidery. Refashioned and reworked,  these pieces  are designed as heirlooms and include vintage linen cushions, embroidered cushions and other one-offs.

parna. 51 merrivale square. oxford. ox26qx.UK